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JConcepts New Release – F2 body for XRAY XB4 2017

Sep 20 2017

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Cleverly named, F2, the unique design quickly raised some eyebrows during competition and proved effective on the ground and in the air. Designed with aspects learned from the original Finnisher bodies, the F2 provides an even more aggressive look with included details which remain crucial to performance. The F2 body is a drop fit for the popular XRAY XB4 2017 buggy.

With the evolution of race tracks, complicated circuits combining more aggressive jumps and extremely high-speed corners, JConcepts incorporated many features which provide several benefits in the most critical situations. Increased windshield angle provides a steady force upfront during mid-flight wind gusts on large jumps. Forward cab placement changes performance / visible bias which help steering rotation in low traction corners.

The side-pods have been simplified and JC chamfered to remove unwanted changes in height to neutralize the at-speed handling. The rear of the pods have a dual step, scoop treatment which give a first in class look to the F2 body. The rear of the cab has the Finnisher step feature which allows the placement of a secondary side window and also several louver options off the rear.

In addition to the newly designed body, JConcepts has included two of the latest Aero rear wings used by Ryan Cavalieri, Ryan Maifield and Spencer Rivkin to a 1st, 2nd and 4th place finish at the 2017 Reedy Race of Champions.

· Original – JConcepts F2 design
· Blended wing / body design
· Includes two Aero rear wings
· Clear polycarbonate with protective film
· Window masks and decal sheet

F2 – XRAY XB4 w/ Aero wing
Part# 0340
UPC Code – 845937017987
Retail price – $33.00
Map price – $28.05
(Fits – XRAY XB4 2017)

F2 – XRAY XB4 w/ Aero wing – Light-weight
Part# 0340L
UPC Code – 845937017994
Retail price – $33.00
Map price – $28.05
(Fits – XRAY XB4 2017)

Ryan Maifield Leads JConcepts Charge at the 2017 Southern Nationals

Sep 19 2017

The 2017 Southern Nationals was a very highly anticipated race for many. Living up to the hype from previous years, this special race drew in some of the top pro racers from around the nation making it the most competitive Southern Nationals to date. With drivers like Tekno’s Ryan Lutz and Joe Bornhorst, Agama’s Darren Bloomfield, HB Racing’s Cody King, Mugen’s Cole Ogden and Ryan Maifield, the Southern Nationals was set for fireworks during the A Finals.

The track layout was magnificent. It was fun, it was fast, it was big, and of course… challenging. The track crew did an absolutely masterful job creating a work of art and a real treat to drive on. Perhaps one of the best 1/8th scale layouts of the year, every lap was a joy. However, the conditions did change going from a butter smooth surface to bumpy and super dusty making it difficult for racers to nail the right setup. As the lap count grew, so did the number of bumps and craters adding to the ever-growing challenge of delivering a perfect lap. By the mains, the track was a monster, but still very fun and made for epic racing.

Pro Nitro Buggy

The 45 minute A final of the Pro Nitro Buggy class was full of excitement and in the end, the separation was only 1.7 seconds between 1st and 2nd. Having TQ’d the class, Mugen/JConcepts’ Ryan Maifield built up a comfortable 15-second lead through the first half of the race until an unscheduled left rear tire change in the pits saw the Arizona speedster come out of pitlane in 2nd place. With a last minute decision to change his tire strategy, Maifield was short on time and rushed to get his tires mounted in order to make the start of the race.

Having moved up from 13th on the grid to lead the race ahead of Maifield, Agama’s Darren Bloomfield was fast and pushing hard to defend his position. With pin point precision, Maifield would find a small gap and make a clean pass for the lead at the top step up jump in the far left corner. Just as things were going his way once again, Maifield’s front left tire was coming unglued and now certain his tires were not fully cured before the start the race. With Bloomfield smelling blood, he charged hard to close the gap to Maifield, but was unable to make the pass on the last lap. Maified would take the win with Bloomfield 2nd. Only 5.6 seconds back from the two front-runners and a major threat to take the win in the closing minutes was Ryan Lutz, who finished 3rd overall.


Pro Ebuggy

Agama’s Darren Bloomfield was in the groove during A1 of Pro Ebuggy as Bloomfield took advantage of his track time from earlier in the day to take the win in A1. However, it was a different story in A2 as Maifield would choose a softer compound tire for A2 and was able to comfortably drive away from the field to take the win. A3 was much the same with Maifield turning the only 19 lap run in 10 minutes to take a solo victory lap and also the overall. Bloomfield would finish 2nd and Tekno’s Joe Bornhorst 3rd.


Pro Nitro Truggy

It was another amazing race in the Pro Nitro Truggy class between the top 3 drivers. For a majority of the race, Tekno’s Joe Bornhorst would lead the way followed by Mugen/JConcepts’ Cole Ogden as these two truggy goliaths would lead change over 7 times during the course of 45 minutes. While they were battling, Tekno’s Ryan Lutz would quietly close in and waited for the right moment. When that moment came, Lutz would make the pass on both drivers and jump to the lead with 5 laps to go. Lutz would go on to take the win with Cole Ogden 2nd and Joe Bornhorst 3rd.



TLR/JConcepts’ Martin Harrison would shine in the Etruggy class with terrific performances in A2 and A3 to take the overall. With Smiley Henn taking the win in A1, the pressure was on in A3 as the two drivers would only be separated by 1.5 seconds. Harrison would edge out Henn for the win with Henn finishing 2nd and TLR/JConcepts’ Nathan Harrison 3rd overall.


Open Nitro Buggy

Once again, Austin Jeffries would put in a remarkable effort in the Open Nitro Buggy class despite having a very difficult qualifying session. Having to bump into the Nitro Buggy A-main, Jeffries would start 13th on the A-main grid, but end up 1st on the podium. With smart driving by the youngster from Texas, Jeffries would take an incredible win with Cody Avant 2nd and Nick Sublette 3rd.


Open Ebuggy

It was a terrific showdown between HB Racing’s Eddie Laret and Tekno/JConcepts’ Austin Jeffries in the Open Ebuggy class. With A1 going to Eddie Laret, it looked as if Eddie was going to close out the open class in 2 mains, however, Jefferies would deny Laret the win in A2 and force an A3. Once again, Jeffries delivered an impeccable run to take the win in A3 to win the overall in Open Ebuggy. Laret looked fast all weekend and held onto 2nd place with JConcepts Jerry Dean Jr. 3rd on the podium.


Open Nitro Truggy


40+ Nitro Buggy

The 40+ Nitro Buggy main was dominated by AE/JConcepts’ Drew Spurgeon. With his closest rival, Mugen/JConcepts’ Shane Ogden having a horrible start, Drew was on cruise control and was able to take the win with a comfortable margin. Shane would finish 2nd with Bill Sheperd taking the final spot on the podium in 3rd.


4×4 Open Short Course Truck


Sportsman Ebuggy


Sportsman Nitro Buggy


Sportsman Nitro Truggy

JConcepts’ Kosciuszek and Rivkin Wins Highlight 3rd Annual Turf Nationals

Sep 13 2017

The 3rd Annual JConcepts’ Turf Nationals at RC Madness is gaining traction. Literally, and within just two short years has evolved into the nation’s biggest astroturf race with entries now nearing 300. Without a doubt, the North Eastern drivers have embraced Astro racing with both arms wide open and with it, have created the first of the ‘Astro Classics’ here in the United States.

It’s true, astro isn’t clay, but clay isn’t astro either. Both surfaces give you an opportunity to race on a different surface with different properties of grip and adhesion. Having caught onto the growing astro/carpet trend early on, RC Madness in Enfield, Connecticut has become a premiere astro track providing a rich experience with exciting layouts and properly suited for Astro-style racing. This year’s layout was a great mix of high and low-speed sections spiced up with technical elevated corners, step ups, and table tops. Thanks to Chris Marcy and his dedicated crew for all the hard work in putting together a fine event that’s changing the face of the NE big racing scene.

With the perfect sun-warmed weather, the event started off on Friday without any hitches. The open practice session was smooth and allowed all drivers to properly set up their cars on JConcepts spec tires. As we rolled into Saturday, there were two qualifying rounds with the final round scheduled for Sunday morning right before resorting for the A mains. The qualifying format was taking fastest time via ‘rocket rounds’ to sort for a 10 car main +2 car bump ups.

4wd Modified Buggy

Having out qualified AE/JConcepts’ Alex Kosciuszek by just .2 seconds through 3 rounds of qualifying, AE/JConcepts’ Spencer Rivkin was able to take advantage of his track position to quickly pull away from the field. The Wizard took a bit of time to get the flow going in 4wd and was forced to close the gap before it was too late. Taking the entire race to come within striking distance, Alex would make a small mistake while landing his car off the table-top that resulted in lost time. With a picture perfect Spencer Rivkin, the 2wd World Champion would go on to take the win with Alex 2nd and only 2 seconds back. Xray’s Jeff Statkicwicz would move up 2 spots to grab himself the last spot on the podium with fine driving and consistency.


2wd Modified Buggy

It was another monumental showdown between 2 of the biggest young talents in the RC racing scene. This time, it was AE/JConcepts’ Alex Kosciuszek out qualifying the current 2wd IFMAR World Champion, Spencer Rivkin, to grab the crucial front row position. As the tone went off, the two drivers would escape and instantly engage in their own battle. With a mistake from Alex getting on the straight, Spencer would capitalize and take over the lead. However, on the very next lap, Spencer would make a similar mistake as Alex, but would drop from 1st to 11th. Alex would cruise himself into first with Spencer fighting his way back to 2nd and local legend, TLR’s Anthony Mazzara, would move himself up to 3rd.


Stadium Truck Modified

It was a classic two truck battle between TLR/JConcepts’ Caleb Stevens and AE/JConcepts’ Steve Charles with Charles edging out Stevens for coveted TQ spot. However, young Stevens showed massive speed increases throughout the weekend and started to find the astro groove during the mains. Once Stevens was able to find his way around Charles, Stevens was able to deliver clean lines and keep the door closed. With fantastic driving, the two would put on a battle that lasted till the finish line with Stevens taking 1st and Steve Charles 2nd. TLR’s Joshua Spiewak converted a great start from 6th to finish 3rd.


2wd Modified Short Course

It was Steve Charles taking the spotlight in Modified Short Course having TQ’d to go on and took a convincing win in the 5 minute A-main event. 2nd place qualifier, Derek Marks finished in 2nd and Jim Mitchell 3rd, exactly in the same order as qualifying.


40+ 2wd Mod Buggy

It was TLR’s Anthony Mazzara setting the top times in 40+ 2wd Mod class during the 3 qualifying rounds. Picking up speed throughout the weekend, JConcepts top boss, Jason Ruona, was getting quicker with every pack. During the 5 minute main event, Ruona would put the pressure on Mazzara, but a late mistake would deny him a chance to attempt a pass for the lead. Mazzara would deliver a clutch run to take the win, Ruona 2nd and AE/JConcepts’ Scott Furtado would battle back to wrap up 3rd overall.


4wd 13.5 Buggy

The 13.5 4wd class saw an explosive MIP/JConcepts Matthew Olson take charge early in the weekend setting TQ times in qualifying and a tone to tone win in the main. Authoritatively, Olson would take the win with JConcepts’ John Cravotta 2nd and Shakey Hands 3rd.


17.5 Expert Buggy

MIP/JConcepts’ Matthew Olson would deliver a great A-main run to take the win in the 17.5 Expert Stock 2wd class with a daring mid air pass maneuver half way through the race. As Mazzara was taking the safe route of double-single, Olson would line himself up to jump the triple and make the pass stick after landing. From there, Olson would maintain his lead and cross the line first to take the win. Mazzara was unable to find a clean way around Olson and settle for 2nd. Shakey Hands would work his magic keep his spot on the podium in 3rd.


17.5 Stadium Truck

17.5 2wd Stock Short Course

17.5 2wd Stock Buggy

Spec Novice


JConcepts Team Update – Sept. Week 1

Sep 7 2017

At JConcepts, we strongly believe in doing what you love and starting every day as if it has a purpose. The passion runs deep here and you can see it in our high performance, innovative racing products and especially in all of our team drivers. Whether it’s a day of practice at the track, a club race, event,  or just spending time getting things perfect in a wrench session, we wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

This Thursday goes out to our incredible team and thanks for the dedication always pushing themselves to excel on all levels. Happy Team Thursday.

Australian star, Ray Munday, is one dedicated individual. If not racing at the sharp end of the grid, Ray dedicates time giving back to the RC community. Last week JConcept drivers Ray, Andrew Selvaggi, and Matthew Kellett traveled to the Castle Hill Club in Sydney, Australia where they helped 10 juniors and 25 adults in an RC Skills coaching session teaching the new drivers about the track walk, racing lines, tire info, driving techniques etc. This is what the RC industry needs more of and with guys like Ray on the team, the RC future is brighter. Thanks, guys!!


California’s Rob Moots participated in his 1st nitro race last Saturday at AMain’s Silverdollar Speedway, where he qualified 5th in the A in the open class. Excited as can be, Rob was able to take the win in the main event using blue Triple Dees providing him with the grip to take the win in the blazing heat!


Taking TQ is a terrific bonus, but setting TQ AND the win is perfection. This is what Tyler was able to do last weekend at OKHRC. If you haven’t been to Oklahoma Hobbies, click the link as it’s one spectacular venue! For Tyler, slicked out gold Dirt Webs on back with treaded Dirt Webs in front took him to the top step.


Florida’s AJ Marasco was on fire last week at round 1 of the Fall Super Cup hosted by Beachline Raceway. AJ dominated the 13.5 4wd class with a TQ and win using Swaggers and Lockness tires to achieve his flawless victory. In the 17.5 Expert Stock Class, AJ was able to take the win from starting 3rd on the grid and then came in clutch when it counted most.


It’s great to see Austin Jeffries hit the track because he just keeps getting faster every time he does. Doing a bit of 10th scale club racing at Thornhill Racing Circuit ‘s 10th scale track, Austin was able to take 2nd in the 2wd modified class! If you can drive a 2wd mod buggy, you can drive anything!


Mixing it up in the Etruggy class as the lone Nitro Truggy, Danny Smith overcame the odds to take the win in Truggy with green Reflex tires as his weapon of choice at Warehouse Hobby Raceway. On top of that, Danny also led the way in the Ebuggy class using blue compound Reflexes with a TQ and win effort. What a weekend!


With a new fleet of Team Associated 1/8th scale vehicles, Arkansas’ Drew Spurgeon had himself a fabulous weekend of racing. Using JConcepts’ blue Detox tires, Drew took the win in nitro buggy and 2nd in Ebuggy. 1st time out with new cars? Yeah, buddy!


It was Thursday night Worlds at Makintraxx RC and Erik Voelkle of Viking Designs competed in the 4×4 SC class setting TQ and taking home 2nd on green Double Dees. Also mixing in some 8th scale Ebuggy action, Erik set the TQ time and finished 1st on green Reflexes! Bravo Erik!!


Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Danish 2wd and 4wd Champion! Congrats to our Danish standout star, Jesper Rasmussen, for winning the overall series titles in 2wd and 4wd with a terrific final round effort of TQ and win in both classes maximizing his points. The last race was held at Odense RC Minirace track on super high grip astro. Awesome job Jesper, we couldn’t be more proud of all the hard work. Enjoy it Danish Champ!


It’s great to see Randy Pike getting out there and having some fun. Not only is he the Tekin Team Manager, he’s also very busy behind the doors at AMain Hobbies. Attending the Labor Day Shootout at Silver Dollar Raceway, Randy was able to put his Mugen/Jconcepts’ ride on the podium in 3rd. Go Randy!


It shows a great amount of dedication when you have to drive 4 hours to attend a club race in preparation for a bigger race that’s just around the corner. William Ables did just that and raced at Alison Off Road Raceway‘s club race in order to prepare himself for Southern Nationals next week. The bonus is that he finished on the podium in 2nd place feeling dialed on green Lil Chasers! See you at Southern Nationals William!

Fall Super Cup Championship Series Rd 1 Recap

Sep 6 2017

The Fall edition of the JConcepts Super Cup Championship Series started off with a bang at Beachline Raceway in Cocoa Beach, Florida on September 2nd, 2017. Having already held a Spring Super Cup on the astroturf earlier in the year, Beachline learned a lot from the previous visit making a track that was more enjoyable with lower speeds, better jumps, smooth piping, and a very solid race program.

The layout was a lot of fun. It may not seem like it, but it’s quite difficult to make a fun, challenging layout on the turf because of the amount of grip you have. Since you can full punch everything, the ideal layout is one that limits the high speed and adds technicality without making the flow awkward. With the improved jumps and obstacles, the Super Cup layout was a pleasure to drive yet far from easy. Great job by Robbie and his crew for putting in a terrific layout and for hosting round 1 of the Super Cup.

If you’d like to see race videos, please click the link and thanks to LiveRC.com.


2wd Modified

Fast and fearless, AE/JConcepts’ Daimon Borkowicz was able to set the TQ and control the race from start. However, making a big mistake on the step up, Daimon would momentarily hand over the lead to TLR/JConcepts’ JR Mitch. While controlling the gap and holding off the attacks, JR would have an unfortunate run in with lap traffic and was forced to give up the lead. Once back in front, Daimon would gather his composure and hold off a hard charging Billy Easton to take the win. The former world champion, Billy Easton would finish 2nd and JR Mitch 3rd making it a star studded podium.


4wd Modified

In the 4wd class, it was JR Mitch feeling the flow in qualifying earning TQ over a very competitive field. With a bad first lap in the single A-main event, JR would get shuffled back to the pack and wasn’t able to recover to finish on the podium. In 5 minutes, the race would see 5 lead changes as they all fought to stay out in front, but halfway through the race, Serpent’s Billy Easton would take command and drive the cleanest 2nd half of the race to take the win. Recovering from multiple mistakes while chasing for the lead, Daimon Borkowicz was able to manage 2nd over a very quick Justin Fales and his Serpent 4wd.


13.5 4wd

It was a dominant display of driving for AE/JConcepts’ AJ Marasco as he set the fastest qualifying time and checked out in the 5-minute main event to take a convincing win. RC America’s Daniel Chavez delivered a fast and consistent performance in the final to take 2nd and Ryan Harris also making a strong statement to finish on the box in 3rd.


17.5 Expert Stock Buggy

Once again, AJ Marasco was able to find the top step of the podium and delivered when it counted most. Not having the cleanest qualifying runs, AJ managed to pull it together and fought for the win over a very speedy TJ Bradley. TJ would finish 2nd with Derek Jacobs 3rd. All three drivers put on a great show as there were multiple lead changes making it an exciting race.


Monster Truck / Stampede

Congrats to Coty Saucier for taking the win in the Monster Truck/Stampede class using his own RC truck to take the win. Coty is the actual Monster Energy Monster Jam driver and watching him drive around the RC version of his truck on turf was absolutely fantastic. Also congrats to Scott Defino for having the coolest tricked out truck and for finishing 2nd with Garrett Benson rounding out the top 3.


40+ Open 2wd

A job well done for John Prickett as he was able to take the win in the 40+ 2wd Open class ahead of Jabin Cariton. Jabin drove a great race keeping Prickett honest always staying within striking distance. Billy Bruce finished on the final step on the podium in 3rd.


17.5 Independent 2wd Buggy

With 5 heats of Independent Stock Buggy, the battle was awesome. Shining from the field, Ryan Harris would deliver an excellent drive to take the win from starting 3rd on the grid with an exciting last lap pass to take the win. 2nd was TQ, Kenny Setser, who showed tremendous speed from the youngster and definitely a force to be reckoned with in the future. Tim Allen would hold down 3rd and only 4 seconds behind Setser.


2wd Independent Stock Short Course

Congrats to Bradley Nicosia for taking the win in Independent Stock Short Course. Tracey Proctor and Jeff Lynn went on to finish 2nd and 3rd behind Nicosia.


Independent Stock Truck

Chris Cronan drove a great race to take the win in Independent Stock Truck title over a very young and talented Cameron Morales. The gentleman lifting the kid in the air and having a great time is Joey Trautman, the 3rd place finisher.


4×4 Short Course

Bobby Lafrate took a 1 lap victory over 2 rivals, who left early to make the long drive home.



Always great to see a novice class. Congrats to Mike Hiss on his terrific win. Also congrats to Taeylor Laforest and Kaiden Hendrickson on making it on the podium.

2wd Open Short Course

Amazing job and great racing in the Open 2wd Short Course class. It was Jessica Iler putting in a great effort to finish 1st overall. Vince McMahon finished 2nd and Bobby Lafrate 3rd.


Open Stadium Truck

It was a terrific 2-way duel for the win with TQ Trevor Schaeffer and Kiarra Hold. Kiarra would have a slow start, but finish strong chasing down the leader, Trevor. Trevor would hold off the late charge to take the win with Kiarra 2nd. Justin Olds ran well and finished 3rd overall.

Ronnefalk Crowned 1/8th European Ebuggy Champion

Sep 5 2017

World Champion David Ronnefalk is really starting to heat up. Even before winning the 1/8th scale nitro world title last year in Las Vegas, David has always possessed an aura about him that oozes calmness mixed with confidence. The calm side of him allows him to excel under pressure maintaining the ability to focus while under unearthly amounts of pressure. The unwavering confidence gives him the belief that he can win any race he attends no matter who’s there.

From his own words, the 2017 1/8th Nitro European Championships was kind of a disappointment even though he made it on the box and finished 3rd. For most of us, we’d be ecstatic, but for David, a 3rd place finish just isn’t good enough. Bouncing back, David was able to win 1/8th buggy at The Italian Job Race and just a week later, David was able to take the another victory in Croatia making him back to back European Ebuggy Champion! Bravo David.

As you can tell from his Facebook post, David is excited too.

“Yeeeeeeessss!! European Champion 1/8 E-Buggy. What a perfect day for me! Feels so awesome being able to defend my title from last year.

I decided to go with Triple Dees in green compound and just stuck with them the whole day. I saw already in first qualifying run of today I had very, very good speed and I just needed to take advantage of it and not crash. Two pretty much mistake-free runs gave me the TQ and pole for the A-mains in front of Ongaro. I felt so confident today it was an incredible feeling.

I got off to great starts in both A1 and A2 and was able to put a good gap to Davide halfway through in both legs, after that I could just control the race to the finish and just bring the car home. I did that and it was so nice to feel that I was so strong today, everything was just perfect and I took advantage of it!!!!

Yeeeees, come on!!!! So happy right now.”

Winning Wednesday – August Week 4

Aug 30 2017

It’s the dedication that makes the JConcepts team special. Having speed is just a part of the package and of course, very important to any type of racing. However, you can’t directly measure dedication and is something you can see over an extended period of time. Day in and day out, the JConcepts team is always putting in hard work to achieve their best results. In recognition to the team’s dedication, this edition of Winning Wednesday goes out to them. Thanks team!


From his killer performance at The Wicked Weekend where he showcased his speed potential, Florida’s Lee Setser dedicated more time towards his 1/8th Ebuggy program racing at SS Hobbies & Raceway. Lee was able to TQ and take the win running JConcepts blue Lil’ Chasers along with Fin titanium turnbuckles and Hybrid lexan wing.


Making the 4th round of the RC Pro Series race hosted by T&T Speedway in Shreveport, LA where Jerry was able to set the TQ time in SCT and Ebuggy using blue Hybrids on his Ebuggy and green 3Ds on his SCT. However, Mother Nature would have other plans on main day bringing heavy rainfall which resulted in Dean taking the win based upon his qualifying position. Good thing he got it done during qualifying!


JConcepts’ Pacific NW team driver, Evan Overmars, entered a unique race at Tacoma R/C Raceway over the weekend. For the first time ever, TRCR hosted a 10 hour enduro race that consisted of multiple teams of 5 drivers racing for a total of 10 hours in 1 hour driver increments. Their car of choice was a team built Team Associated B6 decked out in JConcepts accessories including shock caps, collars, spring cups, servo mount, titanium shock stand offs, S2 body, and clay compound Space Bars fronts and Dirt Web rears. Guess what? His team took the win!


Erik Voelkle was able to attend the LutzRC Hometown Shootout in Ohio, hosted by Medina RC Raceway and had great success in the 4×4 SCT class. Erik was able to take the win using green Double Dees on his truck. Not only was Erik able to win the 4×4 SCT class, he also won a Futaba radio in the raffle and instantly gave it away to a young driver at the race. What a legend!


Improving your speed takes time. A lot of time. Caleb Stevens has been putting in the work every weekend regardless if it’s a big event or a club race. During the “Friday Night Lights” race at Extreme RC Raceway, Caleb was able to take his TLR rides to the winner circle in both the 1/8th Ebuggy and Etruggy classes. Caleb’s winning tire choice? Green Reflex tires! Great job Caleb and good luck at the Extreme Dirt Invitationals this weekend.


It’s good to see new faces make the Winning Wednesday post as Todd Brewer was able to take the win in round 5 of the Team Associated/Reedy Summer Series at Hobbytown Hobbyplex. Originally from California, Todd now resides in Bellevue, Nebraska and currently running for JConcepts and Schuurspeed. Todd was able to take the win in stock short course over some fast fellows. Nice job Todd.


Once again, JConcepts’ Australian Ace takes another win! This time, Ray Munday was able to showcase his speed at Mildura “Mallee Madness 11” drivers series in Victoria, Australia where Ray was able to win the 2wd and 4wd modified classes using blue Dirt Maze tires and S2 bodies to help him get to the top step of the podium. Andrew Selvaggii and Ray’s son would both make the podium as well. Great team effort guys!

Double Wins for Cole Ogden at the 2017 Mugen Challenge!

Aug 29 2017

It’s always a fantastic time at the Mugen Challenge and this year was no exception. Hosted by LCRC in Oakland Mills, Pennsylvania, the Mugen Challenge is a wonderful race that emphasizes fun mixed with awesome racing. This year the Mugen Challenge featured two of Mugen’s biggest guns, Adam Drake and Cole Ogden, who attended for full factory support and customer help.

Pro Nitro Buggy

Continuing his success from The Wicked Weekend, Cole Ogden was once again on fire at the Mugen Challenge. Feeling the flow early on, Cole was able to qualify himself in the top position where he led for the entire 45-minute A-Final. Cole is definitely on a hot streak with some great finishes in the last few races proving he’s got the skills to get it done. Adam Drake also had a great weekend finishing 2nd with Jamie Grayek in 3rd. TLR/JConcepts’ Spencer Heckert finished with a very respectable 4th.


Pro Ebuggy

It was another amazing performance by Cole Ogden in the Expert Ebuggy class. Moving up from 2nd on the grid, Cole was able to get to the front on the 2nd lap and kept the lead until the very end of the grueling 10-minute final. Cole would go on to cross the line with a 6-second cushion over 2nd place finisher, Jason Schreffler. AE’s Hunter Waters came on strong late in the race to challenge Schreffler for 2nd, but fell short by .3 seconds and took home 3rd.


Expert Truggy

Adam Drake would go on to win the Expert Truggy class with a dominant performance in qualifying setting himself up perfectly to take the win in the 30-minute final. TLR/JConcepts’ Spencer Heckert would have a wonderful result for the youngster from Ohio finishing 2nd while TLR’s Anothy Mazzara would take the last step on the podium.

JConcepts New Release – B6 | B6D Carbon Fiber Rear Tower, Long Shock Configuration

Aug 29 2017

Buy Now

JConcepts has delivered on a beefy Carbon Fiber rear long configuration shock tower option for the popular Team Associated B6 | B6D vehicles. The 4mm thickness, genuine Carbon Fiber material is durable, light-weight and features the JConcepts milled sections which help maintain strength while minimizing weight. The 3 standard shock positions remain for quick and steady adjustments in the correct position for the standard B6 | B6D length shocks.

· Original JConcepts styling
· 4mm genuine Carbon Fiber material shock tower
· Supports long shock configuration
· Reinforcement ribs added for strength
· Improves suspension responsiveness and rigidity
· Aesthetic eye-candy

B6 | B6D Carbon Fiber rear tower, long shock configuration
Part# 2581
UPC Code – 845937016980
Retail price – $27.00
Map price – $22.95
(Fits – B6 | B6D)

Ronnefalk Wins Pro Buggy at the Italian Job Race!!

Aug 29 2017

“Yeeeeessss!!! Back on top,” was David’s reaction and feeling after just completing a great weekend of racing at the Italian Job hosted by the Alseno Nicolas Track in Italy on August 25-27th.

With many of the top drivers from the European Championship in attendance, David was able to redeem his 3rd place effort that he wasn’t too thrilled with. For most of us, making the podium would be considered a victory, but for the reigning World Champion, it wasn’t good enough. The strive for perfection and always pushing himself to reach the next level is just one of the many reasons why he’s such a terrific champion and proud to have David a part of the JConcepts Worlds Team.

Here’s what David had to say about his weekend at The Italian Job.

“I’m home from a very hot but very successful weekend in Italy! Feels so good to finally get that win I’ve been chasing all year. I’ve had many good races with podium finishes this year, but this time I took the last step onto the top spot. To bounce back like this after a bit disappointing 3rd place at the Euros feels so nice.

I got 2nd in EP so it was almost a perfect weekend, just a mistake away in the EP main from the win. Baruffolo drove great in the main and got me by a second over the line.

Anyway, I’m super happy with the performance of my whole package. Maybe not the fastest on outright speed in the main, but in 42 degrees heat you, have to be patient and have a package that you can trust. I kept cool and had a 12 second lead over Ongaro halfway into the 45min main. I was in control of the race and stayed patient in front. Towards the end Davide had two flame outs and dropped down moving Robert up to 2nd, I had him a couple seconds in front of me towards the end so almost a lap and I could cruise to the finish.

Using the Silencer body together with the new Kosmos tire in Y2 compound it gave me the speed and consistency needed to win by a good margin in the end. On a track with very high tire wear, it was great to see my tires still with threads left after the 45 minute main.

Now, busy schedule continues and we are off to Croatia for E-buggy Euros on Thursday! So it’s time to charge the batteries again!”

Pro Nitro Buggy Podium

1st – David Ronnefalk
2nd – Robert Battle
3rd – Mattia Polito

Pro Ebuggy Podium

1st – Marco Baruffolo
2nd – David Ronnefalk
3rd – Riccardo Berton

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