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Ryan Maifield completes the IFMAR World Championship Sweep with 4wd Win! JConcepts goes 1-2-3 in 4wd!

Nov 22 2017

Perhaps one of the hardest things to accomplish in a pro RC career is to win a World Championship title and to win 2 titles at 1 World Championship event is nearly impossible. However, the Arizona native and longtime JConcepts driver, Ryan Maifield would join the ranks of the elite 3 and add his name alongside Martin Achter, Masami Hirosaka, and Ryan Cavalieri to ever pull off the double win feat in 1:10th electric offroad. In 2017….. the Worlds was Maifield’.

Having already won the 2wd title just 4 days earlier, Maifield’s confidence was at an all-time high, however, the new title of World Champion doesn’t come without pressure as Ryan described that he “was driving a little tight” which showed as he wasn’t able to TQ any of the 4wd qualifiers, but critically was able to keep himself at the sharp end of the grid with a 2nd, 2nd, and 3rd from 3 rounds of qualifying and place him 4th on the grid.

Also making things happen for JConcepts was HB Racing/JConcepts’ David Ronnefalk, who looked fabulous in qualifying and even went on to TQ round 4 and back it up with a 2nd from round 3. David would start 2nd on the grid right behind eventual class TQ, Ty Tessmann. With the 5th round being crucial for many, mother nature had other plans that resulted in rain cancellation of qualifying round 5 altogether shifting it from best 3 of 5 qualifying results to 2 of 4 to seed for the A-Mains.

Here’s the video below and be sure to check the 1080P to watch in high def.

IFMAR World Championship 4wd – A1

The start to main day was rushed because of the fear of rain from the looming clouds. The day was filled with very light sprinkles and heavy winds in the 20 – 40mph range. This made an already tough jump section even more challenging on the drivers with the wind pushing and pulling cars once they hit the rhythm jump section.

A1 saw a perfect start for Ty and David Ronnefalk, but a slight bobble by David allowed Ryan Maifield to move up to second and playing chaser to Ty Tessmann. A few laps later, a mistake by Tessmann in the rhythm jump section gave Maifield an opportunity to attack. The gap was under 2 seconds until another mistake by Tessmann at the end of the rhythm section with less than a minute to go, saw Maifield take the lead for the first time in A1. As Tessmann was pushing to regain his position, the Canadian would seal his own fate with another mistake allowing Ryan Maifield to take a convincing win in A1. David Ronnefalk would finish 3rd keeping himself in the title hunt.

IFMAR World Championship 4wd – A2

With an unusually slow start, Tessmann would give up the lead to David Ronnefalk at end of the rhythm jump section on the opening lap and just a few laps later, Maifield would make his way by as Tessman as he had to check up with a single-single. This allowed for an entertaining 3 way battle at the front, but the order would remain the same as they crossed the line with Ronnefalk crossing in 1st, Maifield holding on to 2nd, as Tessmann was pushing maximum.

IFMAR World Championship 4wd – A3

Perhaps the most exciting race to settle a World Championship title, A3 lived up to the hype with a wild first 2 laps with multiple drivers swapping for the lead at the front. When the mayhem settled, David Ronnefalk would take over point with Ryan Maifield 2nd and Tessmann 3rd. Once again the jump section would claim the leaders with Ronnefalk and Maifield making mistakes giving Tessman the lead. With the nerves and adrenaline running high, Tessman’s lead would be short-lived as he would pipe himself giving Maifield the lead. While challenging for 1st and trying to find a way around Maifield, Tessman would collect the both of them and allow Spencer Rivkin to shoot to the front and take over the lead spot. As time was running out, Spencer held on and took the win in A3. Ryan Maifield finished 2nd earning him his 2nd World Title of the event! Ty would finish 3rd in A3.

Also congrats to the U16 Junior World Champion, Xray/JConcepts’ Daniel Kobbevik! Daniel has always shown great speed and now starting to show great maturity as well.

The podium!

JConcepts products used –

Ryan Maifield – 1st place Champion
· 0173 – Aero, S-type rear wing
· XXX – Prototype Front Scoop
· XXX – Yokomo YZ4 Prototype Fin Titanium turnbuckle set
· 3348W – Mono – YZ2, 2.2″ rear wheel (white) – 4pc
· 2341-2 – 4mm large flange serrated locknut – black

David Ronnefalk – 2nd place

· 0317L – F2 – B64 | B64D body w/ Aero wing, light-weight
· 0168 – Aero B6 | B6D | B64 | B64D rear wing – 2pc.
· 3348W – Mono – B6, 2.2″ rear wheel (white) – 4pc

Spencer Rivkin – 3rd place

· 0317L – F2 – B6 | B6D body w/ Aero wing – light-weight
· 0168 – Aero B6 | B6D | B64 | B64D rear wing – 2pc.
· 3348W – Mono – B6|B64, 2.2″ rear wheel (white) – 4pc
· 2491-2 – JConcepts – Fin, 12mm shock collar – black
· 2492-1 – JConcepts – Fin, VCS shock bottom cap – blue
· 2585 – B64|B64D Fin Titanium turnbuckle set
· 2579-2 – B6 | B6D Finnisher aluminum wing buttons – black
· 2599T – B6 | B6D Fin Titanium shock stand-offs w/ bushing – short
· 2600T – B6 | B6D Fin Titanium shock stand-offs w/ bushing – long

JConcepts New Release – Bump Stops / MT Suspension Up-Travel Limiters

Nov 21 2017

Buy Now

In the world of RC monster trucks, it’s all about suspension travel. Drivers jockey for improved suspension with unique setups, conversions and shock combinations. The position of the shocks have a huge affect on performance and while more travel can help, sometimes a cushion or soft stop at the end can really smooth out the ride. JConcepts now offers a rubber bump stop which works with any combination of 3 and 3.5mm shock shaft diameters.

The stop is T-shaped in design which allows the builder to place the large diameter end where more support is needed. With a solid axle beast, sometimes it’s necessary to limit the up-stroke of the shock to prevent chassis, body or tire damage. The shape also allows cushion and some fold under high impact situations as an additional benefit. The stops are 10mm in length but can be trimmed to any desired length or to suit a specific purpose. 8 pieces are included per package which is handy for outfitting multiple trucks or one truck with additional shocks.

Notes from the team –
The new bump stops can be used on all forms of RC vehicles that utilize shocks with 3 to 3.5mm diameter shock shafts. This includes shocks from, Team Associated, TLR, Traxxas, Axial and Tamiya.

· Steady design, molded rubber material
· Accommodates 3 to 3.5mm shock shaft diameters
· Soft stop cushion helps minimize chassis / body damage
· Trim-able part for many applications
· Stealth black in color
· 8 pieces included

JConcepts – rubber bump stops / MT suspension up-travel limiters, 8pc
Part# 2662
UPC Code – 845937018816
Retail price – $6.00
Map price – $5.10
(Fits – 3 to 3.5mm shock shafts)

Wynn and Schafer Win Big with JConcepts!

Nov 21 2017

With the release of the new JConcepts “A-One” touring car body, Paul Wynn has gotten back to his roots of on-road racing in grand fashion. Paul attended race #3 of the FSEARA On-road Series hosted by Village Raceway in beautiful Royal Palm Beach, FL. The track was extremely high-speed, high traction, and slightly bumpy, which proved to be a tricky combination for most of the racers. Car setup and body choice was very critical in these conditions as steering and stability were very important to fast, but consistent laps. Paul took full advantage of the A-One’s smooth and stable traits as he went on to TQ all three rounds of qualifying and lead wire to wire to take the win in the prestigious Pro Mod class.

Long time friend and privateer racer Troy Schafer tested several bodies in open practice and quickly settled on the new A-One body for the expert 17.5 stock class. Troy TQ’d round one of qualifying, but had to settle for P3 on the grid after three rounds. In the A main he had a small mistake on lap one that dropped him back to fourth, but Troy put his head down and quickly ran down the top three with the fastest laps of the race to go on to take the win!

Special thanks to Dave Vera and FSEARA for an amazing series that has been racing for 37 years.

JConcepts – International Monster Truck Hall of Fame and RC Expo

Nov 20 2017

JConcepts has released a new video showcasing a recent R/C Monster Truck event which took place at the 2017 International Monster Truck Hall of Fame. The event shown, held in Auburn, Indiana is the 7th annual event which features an array of action from old school monster trucks on display to restorations of iconic monster trucks and names. The RC show features a retro race and freestyle competition which takes place in front of spectators. The 1 hour show drew a crowd which allowed the RC trucks and drivers to interact with fans and spectators, introducing many of them to RC for the first time.

Ryan Maifield – 2017/2018 IFMAR 2wd Buggy World Champion

Nov 15 2017

JConcepts driver Ryan Maifield has finally completed his quest to become an IFMAR World Champion. The team flew all the way to Xiamen, China, to compete in the bi-annual event of champions at ARC Raceway. Ryan’s hopes were in slight jeopardy in the early stages of qualifying with some sub-standard qualifying results. However, the magic all happened during round 3 of qualifying where the ace driver from Arizona rose to the challenge and earned a round TQ to completely alter the event expectations.

During round 4 of qualifying, Ryan finished 3rd for the round giving him at least a slight chance, along with 3 other drivers, at the overall TQ going into a 5th and deciding round. Once again, Ryan was brilliant in the 5th round of qualifying and took a dramatic TQ over Yokomo teammate Lee Martin. The Yokomo duo started 1st and 2nd in the A-final with 4-time World Champion and Team Associated | JConcepts driver Ryan Cavalieri in 3rd.

A-1 Final went off and Maifield took a large lead over Lee Martin. Ryan powered down on the Yokomo YZ-2 DTM with JConcepts F2 body and Aero wing package and maintained a nice lead. Martin made a run toward the later stages of the race and a mistake by Ryan closed the gap considerably. A friendly marshal helped Ryan to his wheels while maintaining the lead which he held to the finish. Lee Martin finished 2nd and Ryan Cavalieri 3rd to close A-1 in dramatic fashion.

A-2 Final began in a similar fashion as the TQ breaking out from the field. An uncharacteristic mistake by Lee Martin allowed Cavalieri to squeak by to challenge Maifield. The two JConcepts drivers maintained a steady pace and pulled away from 3rd. Maifield stuck to his jump section routine in the 8-pack where he comfortably rolled one of the doubles while Cavalieri let it hang-out jumping the difficult section. The drivers went nose to tail for several laps until a bobble in the S-turn section by Cavalieri allowed Maifield to stretch a gap. Maifield crossed the line earning his first ever IFMAR World title wrapping it up in 2 consecutive mains, Ryan Cavalieri finished 2nd in the main to keep his podium hopes alive while Jared Tebo finished 3rd.

With the Championship already decided for Maifield, it would be Lee Martin and Ryan Cavalieri on the front to start the A-3 Final. Martin made a mistake on the first lap allowing Cavalieri by and into the lead. With some driving moves, David Ronnefalk emerged into the running and ran alongside the 4x champion as the JConcepts drivers powered around the ARC Raceway course. A mistake by Cavalieri allowed Ronnefalk in to the lead showing what the HB Racing driver could do in the 2wd class. Jared Tebo made his way up through the pack and gained 3rd but several seconds behind the lead group of Ronnefalk and Cavalieri.

Cavalieri pushed hard but couldn’t catch Ronnefalk, the 1/8th off-road World Champion, who held on for the lead and crossed the finish line the winner of A3. Cavalieri finished 2nd and Jared Tebo 3rd in the final main to secure each driver in the group at least a top 5 finish. After scores were tabulated, it was Ryan Maifield champion, Ryan Cavalieri 2nd, Lee Martin 3rd, Jared Tebo 4th and David Ronnefalk 5th. With three JConcepts drivers in the top 5, it was an event to remember for the racing team from Groveland, Florida.

JConcepts products used –

Ryan Maifield – TQ and Champion

· 0321L – F2 – Yokomo YZ2 body, light-weight
· 0173 – Aero, S-type rear wing
· 0162 – Aero, Yokomo YZ2 front wing – narrow
· 2557 – Yokomo YZ-2 DTM Fin Titanium turnbuckle set
· 3347W – Mono – YZ2, 2.2″ front wheel (white) – 4pc
· 3348W – Mono – YZ2, 2.2″ rear wheel (white) – 4pc
· 2341-2 – 4mm large flange serrated locknut – black

Ryan Cavalieri – 2nd place

· 0341L – P2 – B6 | B6D High-Speed body w/ Aero wing, light-weight
· 0169 – Aero B6 | B6D | B64 | B64D rear wing – short chord, 2pc.
· 2547-3 – B6 | B6D lower front wing mount, w/ wing
· 3347Y – Mono – B6, 2.2″ front wheel (yellow) – 4pc
· 3348Y – Mono – B6, 2.2″ rear wheel (yellow) – 4pc
· 2567-2 – B6 | B6D Servo mount bracket – black
· 2562 – B6 | B6D Carbon Fiber battery brace
· 2580 – B6 | B6D Fin Titanium turnbuckle set – 6pc.
· 2599T – B6 | B6D Fin Titanium shock stand-offs w/ bushing – short
· 2600T – B6 | B6D Fin Titanium shock stand-offs w/ bushing – long

David Ronnefalk – 5th place

· 0314L – S2 – B6 | B6D body w/ Aero wing – Light-weight
· 0169 – Aero B6 | B6D | B64 | B64D rear wing – short chord, 2pc.
· 3347W – Mono – B6, 2.2″ front wheel (white) – 4pc
· 3348W – Mono – B6, 2.2″ rear wheel (white) – 4pc
· 2491-2 – JConcepts – Fin, 12mm shock collar – black
· 2492-1 – JConcepts – Fin, VCS shock bottom cap – blue
· 2567-2 – B6 | B6D Servo mount bracket – black
· 2562 – B6 | B6D Carbon Fiber battery brace
· 2579-2 – B6 | B6D Finnisher aluminum wing buttons – black
· 2582-2 – B6 | B6D Aluminum steering rack – black
· 2665-2 –B6 | B6D Aluminum steering bellcranks – black
· 2599T – B6 | B6D Fin Titanium shock stand-offs w/ bushing – short
· 2600T – B6 | B6D Fin Titanium shock stand-offs w/ bushing – long

Race Team Update – November Week 1

Nov 8 2017

If you want to win, you have to work hard, stay motivated, and always find ways to make progress. It’s the little things that add up and somehow, these guys are always finding ways to take wins whenever they hit the track. Our success is a direct reflection of our team drivers’ efforts and vice versa. They represent the true definition of success and we are proud to have them represent JConcepts.

There’s no doubt the Champlin Race Team is a threat when it comes to carpet and indoor racing. Not only do they exemplify a great family attitude and racing spirit, they’re also at the sharp end of speed and winning. With 702 Raceway as their home track, the family trio once again locked out the podium in the 2wd Modified class at the High Desert Series race with Broc taking the win, Blake 2nd, and Chris 3rd. What a team!


With hard work on and off the track, Caleb Stevens is becoming a regular on the JConcepts Winning Wednesday Series and we’re proud of Caleb! At the Extreme RC Raceway’s points race, Caleb took important wins in 2wd and 4wd modified class. Caleb used the S-Type Aero wing and Aero front wing package along with Swaggers and Pin Downs to give him the speed he needed to find the top step of the podium. Keep an eye out for this Tennessee speed demon!


Venturing out to a brand new track facility in Erie, PA called Spirit RC, team driver Erik Voelkle attended the soft opening called The Taste of Dirt Race and found huge success. Erik ran 2wd Mod SCT, 4×4 SCT, and Ebuggy where he TQ’d all 3 classes and went on to win 2wd Mod SCT, 2nd in 4×4 SCT, and 2nd in Ebuggy. Erik’s commented that his cars were dialed using green Dirt Webs on 2WD SCT, green Bar Codes in 4WD SCT, and black Dirt Webs for Ebuggy. Congrats on making 3 podiums in all 3 classes Erik!


There’s no surprise that Griffin Hanna is one fast dude. Juggling a busy football schedule, high school, etc. Griffin is still able to manage to get some racing in and last week he attended the Fall Brawl warmup in South Carolina. Griffin was also able to take the win in Ebuggy with his younger brother, Collin taking 3rd in Etruggy. We look forward to seeing Griffin do work at the Fall Brawl!


A newcomer to Winning Wednesday Series, Jason Christie takes a terrific win in 13.5 4wd at Thornhill’s 10th scale track using Swaggers and Pin Downs on his XB4 2018 car. It’s always great to see new team drivers submit their results so we can watch their progress over the years. Great job Jason and keep it up!


John Bernard is always fast, especially on a big track like Phil Hurd Raceway. Taking the win in 4wd Mod and Ebuggy, John is feeling the groove as of late and good luck at the Georgia State Champs coming up this weekend.


With the indoor season ramping up, Kyle Holmberg starts off with a great win at 510 Raceway’s local club race taking 1st with cousin, Hunter Holmberg, also making the podium in 3rd. Expect great things from this speedy duo come Nationals next year!


Attending SmacTrac’s fall kickoff race, Matt Gosch was able to take the win in 2wd Modified starting the day off on JConcepts gold Dirt Webs and then switching to gold Octagons as gripped came up. Matt also ran the JConcepts front lower wing with the Aero rear wing in back to give him the downforce and feeling needed to win.


Always fast, always dangerous, Tyler Jones got in some more track time after the Masters of Dirt with his JConcepts equipped TLR rides. Taking the win at RC Fun Park’s club race, Tyler chose to run gold Octagons and truck Smoothies to lead him to victory lane. Tyler is another youngster to look out for as he’s starting to really reach his speed potential.

JConcepts New Release – Liquid Application Brush

Nov 8 2017

Buy Now

Preparation methods, tire applications along with unique tools keep racers running at the top of their game. JConcepts has calmly stepped up and delivered a ground-up design tire saucing and cleaning brush. The application brush is a simple and effective way to apply cleaners, refreshers and additives to RC tires. The brush has a beefy, JConcepts logo handle with additional thumb platform that allows the user to quickly and directly attack each tire with the necessary force.

In addition, the handle has been lightened during the design process with heavy pocketing for the most racy look, feel and performance. The resilient, durable and wide footprint bristles are long lasting, standing up to even the most extreme racer abuse on a consistent basis. Also used as a clean-up or scrub brush, the diversity of this brush is a welcomed addition to any racer’s tool box.

The edge provided by proven products in the pits can be the difference between winning and losing. #gojconcepts

· Heavy-duty handle, light-weight design
· Raised JConcepts.net logo for authenticity
· Large thumb platform for a direct feel
· Wide footprint, resilient bristles
· Available in blue and black colors
· Tested and used by Ryan Maifield, Spencer Rivkin and Ryan Cavalieri

JConcepts – Liquid application brush – blue
Part# 2555-1
UPC Code – 845937016393
Retail price – $11.00
Map price – $9.35

JConcepts – Liquid application brush – black
Part# 2555-2
UPC Code – 845937016409
Retail price – $11.00
Map price – $9.35

JConcepts New Release – Rubber Parts Tray

Nov 7 2017

Buy Now

Performance in the pits is just as important as it is on the track. The JConcepts parts tray provides a great platform for organization with its detailed design, divided pockets and steady base weight. The tray is precision molded in a rubber material which shows well in any pit area with the available blue and black color options.

The grippy nature of the rubber allows the parts to stay rooted where they are placed. The tray has six, built-in positions to place a differential for builds or fluid fills and can accommodate 1/10th and 1/8th sized assemblies. The iconic Dirt-Web tread pattern is raised into the surface of the largest cubicle and JConcepts.net logos blaze the outer perimeter to show brand loyalty and authenticity. #gojconcepts

· Steady design, molded rubber material
· Divided pockets for small parts
· Six differential compartments
· Accommodates 1/10th and 1/8th vehicles and differentials
· Dirt-Web tread raised surface for texture
· Available in blue and black colors
· Organization royalty

JConcepts parts tray, rubber material – blue
Part# 2550-1
UPC Code – 845937018595
Retail price – $16.00
Map price – $13.60

JConcepts parts tray, rubber material – black
Part# 2550-2
UPC Code – 845937018601
Retail price – $16.00
Map price – $13.60

Race Memories – Fall Super Cup Round 3 at Newred

Nov 6 2017

The action-packed JConcepts Super Cup Championship Series made its way to Ocala, Florida last weekend to Newred Hobbies for round 3 of the 4 round fall series. This unique track is one of Florida’s longest running indoor facilities and will celebrate 15 years of operation next year in 2018. With a history and heritage, Newred has also looked towards the future by evolving with new style wood/carpet jumps making track rebuilds much faster and easier without the need to shape jumps and move large piles of dirt.

With the growing popularity of the Independent classes at the Super Cup, this ZERO sponsored driver’s class has had a lot of interests and is looking to shape the future of racing here in the US. By splitting the 17.5 stock classes into an expert and independent class, we’re able to showcase both kinds of drivers giving the non-sponsored drivers a place to mature and grow as a racer. Also, having a spec tire for the Independent class also makes the playing field fair for all participants. The added bonus is that a complete set of spec tires is free with entry making it more affordable and cost-effective for the newer drivers with no team discounts.

The layout for the Super Cup was simple, yet fast. This promoted close racing albeit the tricky high grip, sealed surface that requires slicks or semi-slicks for the fastest times. A nice feature about the wood jumps is the uniformity across the entire jump faces and landing zones allowing cars to catch air consistently without issues. With only 2 qualifiers and a single 5-minute main, the race day is compressed all into Saturday allowing a free day on Sunday.

Thanks to Tom and the crew for getting things ready and for all the hard work necessary to put on a terrific event. Also thanks to Lance McDonald for doing a great job on the mic and keeping the show flowing smoothly.



The Novice class was combined with the 4×4 SC and Monster Truck classes to allow all attendees a class to race in. Taking the win and shining in the Novice class was Taeylor Laforest, who has been improving with every Super Cup race. Matt Paulins finished 1st in the 4×4 SC class with Lucas Chaffin 2nd Bobby Lafrate 3rd.


Independent Stock Short Course

The Independent SC class saw Scott Setser take a comfortable win over the competition. Meanwhile, Pat Mac and Cheese and Zachary Schmidt would duke it out for 2nd with Pat taking 2nd just 1 second ahead of Zachary. The Open SC class would also run with the Independent class as Vince McMahon would go on to take the win.


Independent Stadium Truck

It was a great race in the Independent Stadium Truck class with class TQ, Eddie Opel taking the win ahead of Thomas Andre and Jeffery Rhodes. Huge thanks for these guys coming out and taking part in the Super Cup Series.


Independent 17.5 2wd Buggy

Taking another commanding win in the Independent 17.5 2wd Buggy class was Ryan Harris. Ryan was able to set the TQ time and go on to win the 5 minute main with slick, smooth driving. Eddie Opel and Aaron Smith would battle for 2nd with Eddie crossing the line 1.8 seconds ahead of Aaron for 2nd.


13.5 4wd Buggy

With a wild start to the 13.5 4wd Buggy main, class TQ AJ Marasco had a lot of time to make up. This would give JConcepts’ Patrick Rossiter Jr. a huge lead, which he converted into a big win. AJ would recover to put himself 2nd with Ryan Harris 3rd on the podium.


17.5 2wd Expert Stock Buggy

From tone to tone, AJ Marasco would lead the way in the 17.5 Expert 2wd class crossing the line 3.7 seconds ahead of 2nd place car, Alan Wight. Shooting up 5 spots from 8th on the grid, Justin Olds would find himself 3rd on the podium with superb driving.


Open Stadium Truck

Taking a big win in the Modified Truck class was Justin Olds, who drove a great race to finish himself ahead of RC America’s Leon McIntosh. Leon finished 2nd with Kyle Paquett 3rd overall.


40+ 2wd Buggy

The battle in the 40+ 2wd Open class saw Jim Anderson take command during the main to cross the line 1st. Edwin Mctureous crossed 2nd and 6.3 seconds behind. JConcepts’ Aaron Sikes was able to secure 3rd on the podium.


4wd Modified

It was a fabulous performance by AE/JConcepts Brett Kingsbury in the A final of 4wd Modified. Having TQ’d the class, Brett was under pressure for the entire 5 minutes with JR Mitch right on his bumper. The two would put on a great show with Brett taking the checkered flag, JR 2nd and .5 seconds behind, and Leon McIntosh 3rd.


2wd Modified

It was a perfect weekend for TLR/JConcepts’ JR Mitch in the 2wd Modified class as he was able to set TQ and carry the momentum into the 5-minute single A-Main event. Having the luxury to start on pole, JR was able to set the pace and when 2nd place qualifier, Serpent’s Billy Easton, made a mistake that dropped him back to 4th, JR was able to turn on the cruise control and run a safe pace to cross the line in 1st. With Billy dropping back to 4th, the battle for the podium was on. With a late race charge, Billy would climb his way back to 2nd and AE/JConcepts’ Paul Wynn defended his 3rd place position from a hard-charging Leon McIntosh and make the podium.

JConcepts New Product- RC10F6 to LMP Conversion Kit – Set

Nov 3 2017

Buy Now

It’s easy to convert the Team Associated RC10F6 to an LMP racer with the release of the conversion kit by JConcepts. In the world of road course racing, there is no faster closed wheel vehicle in the world than a Le Mans Prototype. The “LMP” vehicles are competition packed super cars which can withstand 24 hours of abuse all while setting records for speed and performance. JConcepts has packed all the necessary goods into one package with the LMP conversion kit for the RC10F6.

A combination of aluminum, carbon fiber and 3mm hardware make the transformation complete. The addition of a foam front bumper, provide the cushion necessary to attack at high-speeds. The “Layla” body looks impressive with its low-slung appearance and with the conversion kit, looks like a production quality ride. JConcepts provides carbon fiber chassis braces to allow the body mounts to rest in permanent position while aluminum extensions allow the standard body mounts to be used.

The front of the vehicle gets an update using a carbon fiber front body mount plate and aluminum and black anodized skid plate. The assembly is connected utilizing the small aluminum top deck with JC logo etched for authenticity. The combination of parts is secured to the chassis using existing hardware from the F6 kit while the included front body mounts are attached with 3mm hardware. Place the JConcepts foam front bumper on to the mounts and slide the bumper shims on top and clamp down with body clips.

The conversion is complete after trimming and installing the #0348 L1 “Layla” body (available separately).

Race and event history –
The new body and conversion has already been used in competition during the LRP Le Mans Prototype Challenge series in Germany. Drivers reported great success in this experimental class which began as a trial by LRP. The Le Mans Prototype vehicles have become so popular, the complete series includes some 80 events over the course of a season. Now, with the L1 body and conversion kit by JConcepts, the class has a sturdy footing for competition and a replacement and durable rear wing option. Drivers report better handling with the L1 body and conversion fitted on a base F1 chassis, the combination of precise chassis engineering and body development is a great compliment to on-road racing.

Instruction Sheet

• JConcepts original design and function
• Closed wheel, performance enhanced design
• Carbon fiber chassis braces and front bumper plate
• Aluminum body mount extensions and chassis skid plate
• Aluminum “mini” top-deck for security
• High-impact, foam front bumper with extra body mounts
• Aluminum bumper shims, body clips and hardware

JConcepts – RC10F6 to LMP conversion kit – set
Part# 2468
UPC Code – 845937018670
Retail price – $112.00
Map price – $95.20
(Fits – Team Associated RC10F6)

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