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Islikon Offroad Masters Rd1 – Report

Nov 23 2017

The opening round of the Islikon Offroad Masters was held recently and in the 4WD Buggy class it was Kevin Prinz (Xray) who took the TQ in front of his teammate Adi Riederer. After the mains it was again Kevin who was on top of things with Elias Hermann-Schiller (Xray) coming in 2nd while Adi Riederer (Xray) had to settle for 3rd overall. Over in 2WD Buggy it was Benjamin Moos who took the overall courtesy of two wins in the A-mains as Roger Frei and Martin Weidmann came in 2nd and 3rd overall. Finally in the Stadium Truck class it was Martin Weidmann with the win from Reto Kellenberger and Silvio Pietroboni.

Source: Xray []

AMK RC club race Rd2 – Report

Nov 23 2017

The recent second round of the AMK RC club race saw Igor Liptak (Xray) taking the TQ honours in the Touring Stock 17.5T class. Igor went on to win the A-main final also, completely sweeping the competition with the Xray duo of Tomas Valent and Milos Svihran rounding out the top 3 results.

The Formula TQ went to Adrian Uhrík and a he also brought home the win in the open wheel category from Milos Svihran 2nd and Martin Vejmelka 3rd.

In the Pan Car class, that was run with both 1/10th and 1/12th scale cars, it was Branislav Panák with the win using an Xray 1/12th scale car from the Xray World GT duo of Marek Helbich and Jozef Božo.

Branislav Panák also snatched the TQ and win in the 1/12th GT category from Igor Liptak 2nd and Jozef Poláčik 3rd (all Xray).

Last but not least in the 1/18 scale class, Jozef Poláčik would bring home the silverware from Jakub Žabka and Peter Trnovský (all Xray).

Source: Xray []

Xray T4 ULP aluminium progressive shock system

Nov 23 2017

Xray have introduced an aluminium progressive shock system for the ultra short ULP shock absorbers of the T4’18 touring car. Coming in pairs, the set includes two aluminium inserts and two blank shock pistons that provide a progressive damper action upon compression, something that is regarded as a must-have especially on asphalt tracks.

Source: Xray []

Argentinean Nitro Off-road Champs Rd3 – Report

Nov 23 2017

The third and final round of the Argentinean Nitro Off-road Championships took place at the El Condor track in Mendoza recently. Nice weather made for good racing conditions and in the 45-minute Pro Buggy finale it was Agustin Cutini with the win from Federico Davico and Joseph Quagraine in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

With this result Augustin also wrapped up his 6th national title in a row. Federico Davico and Alvaro Colombo would round out the overall top 3 results.

Over in Pro Truggy it was again Agustin with the win, leaving behind Pablo Mercado and Ramiro Davico. Over in Open Buggy it was Matias Cardin who took the 2017 championship title from Francisco Navarrete and Leandro Puebla.

Source: Novarossi []

Samix CFX-W aluminium portal axle covers

Nov 23 2017

Coming from Samix and made for the MST CFX-W trail truck are aluminium portal axle covers. They are machined from high-quality aluminium and while adding strength to the truck’s driveline they also add about 12g of weight per pair for an overall lower centre of gravity. The covers come in pairs and they are available in black, grey or silver finish.

Source: Samix []

RDRP B64 adjustable caster block set

Nov 23 2017

Revolution Design Racing Products have introduced their new caster block sets for the Team Associated B64 series of 1/10th scale 4WD buggies. An improvement over the original construction the hubs allow to easily adjust the camber link ball stud position and thus camber link length and roll centre by simply adding or removing shims. The multi-piece design was used on rear uprights before and is now available for the front hubs. While offering the standard kit geometry the hubs also allow to run shorter links which can be beneficial in a range of track conditions. The lightweight design and aircraft-grade 7075-T6 aluminium adds only minimal unsprung weight while still being sturdy and durable. RDRP’s C-hubs are usable on all B64-series buggies and they are available in a 10 degree or 13 degree variant to adjust the corner characteristics of the buggy.

Source: RDRP [] T4 2018/17 brass battery mount set

Nov 23 2017

Made for Xray’s T4 2018 and 2017 kits is the new brass battery mount set from It includes aluminium battery braces and brass mounting brackets with the latter allowing to loop the battery mount tape through the brackets rather then having to route it under the chassis for improved safety when running on abrasive surfaces. The mounting system is usable on the ’17 and ’18 kits and it is available from end of this week.

Source: []

Team Magic E4RS4 1.8mm & 2.3mm upper decks

Nov 23 2017

Coming from Team Magic and made for the new E4RS4 touring car are 1.8mm and 2.3mm carbon fibre upper decks. Offering different flex characteristics, the thinner 1.8mm deck is best suited for the use in combination with the soon-to-be-released aluminium main chassis while the thicker 2.3mm variant was developed for the use with the standard carbon fibre chassis and when running on high-grip tracks.

Source: HRC Distribution []

Greek Electric Off-road Championship finale – Report

Nov 23 2017

The final round of the Greek 1/10th Electric Off-road Championship was held recently at the FRT track in Stamata. In the 4WD class it was a total domination by Dimitris Foteinos, driving his Yokomo to the top of the podium at each race both at RC Brushless Park and FRT making him the undeniable Greek champion for the year 2017. Right behind him Nikos Katexakis (Yokomo) and 3rd placed Nicolas Floudas (Team Associated) rounded out the podium.

In the 2WD class Dimitris Amaxas, driving his Team Associated buggy managed to get a well deserved 1st place finish at the final race, crowning him the Greek Champion for a second consecutive year. Following up was Dimitris Foteinos with his Kyosho and 3rd placed Nicolas Floudas (Team Associated). Special mention goes to Sakis Papaxarisis’ performance at the last race and to Andreas Koutras who dominated the third A-main.

In the Short Course class the fight for the championship was wide open. Nick Michalodimitrakis made a good comeback by taking two 2nd place finished at the first and second round. The third race of the season found the Short Course class with ties for the 1st place which gave really intense and good racing. Nick Michalodimitrakis took the win followed by Tasos Kemos and Kostas Terlepanis. Ultimately it was Nick Michalodimitrakis with his Kyosho with the title from Kyosho teammate Tasos Kemos and TLR’s Kostas Terlepanis in 3rd.

Thanks to Nikos Mixalodimitrakis for the report.

Serpent sign Fangzhou “Rocket” Zhang

Nov 23 2017

Serpent have announced the signing of Chinese frontrunner, Fangzhou Zhang, better known as Rocket Zhang. Rocket is a multiple A-finalist at events such as the TITC, AOC and Chinese National Championships. Rocket will pilot Serpent’s Project 4X touring car at national and international events and he has the following to say:

Thank you very much to Serpent and Mr. Liu for giving me the opportunity to join the team. Serpent has always been a well-known RC brand, has a very complete product lines. I ran Serpent for the first time with the 710 GP to participate in the competition more than 10 years ago. With joining Serpent and be able to get the opportunity to help for researching and development as well as testing is a very wonderful thing. I do really honoured to join the team.

Source: Serpent []

Maifield comes to China empty handed but leaves as double World Champion

Nov 18 2017

Ryan Maifield came to the 1:10 Offroad World Championships in Xiamen, China, empty handed in terms of the sport’s biggest prize. Declaring early on he was not a fan of the track, 7 days on the Yokomo driver leaves as a double World Champion becoming only the fourth driver in the 17 runnings of the championship to do so. Having claimed his first ever World title when he wrapped up the 2WD title in A2, the deciding of the 4WD title would go down to the wire with A3 throwing up one of the craziest World finals ever with Maifield himself admitting he didn’t really remember what happened.  In the end, it was hard to follow the chaos of which car was flying off where, it was his protege Spencer Rivkin who would win the decider from 5th on the grid as Maifield got by Tessmann on the final lap. The third of the title contenders going into A3, David Ronnefalk would lead from after the first lap, staying there for 2-laps until a mistake.  With further mistakes ending his chances of a first EP World title, he opted to pull up for the final two laps and watch the thrilling finish, his win in A2 & 3rd in the opener enough to secure second overall. With his surprise A3 win, Rikvin snatched the final step of the podium on tie break leaving Top Qualifier Tessmann with fourth, with Xray team-mate & outgoing champion Bruno Coelho ending up 9th despite lining up 3rd for his title defence.

‘I don’t really remember what happened. It started off rough and I fell back to sixth and then all of a sudden I was in second. It was insane out there’, was Maifield’s summary of a race that even stretched race announcer Scotty Ernst’s voice box to its limits.  He continued, ‘when me, David and Ty where 1,2,3 but then Spencer got first. Ty made a great move on me and went after Spencer. I let it happen because I knew even if he got Spencer the time wouldn’t be good enough. In the end I got the second back when Ty made a mistake on the last lap’.  Having poured out his emotion when he finally took the title so many felt he was long over due when he took the 2WD title on Tuesday, asked how it felt to do the double Maifield replied with a more expected summary saying, ‘When we got here and it started I was like oh this is over but then it turned to oh I’ve got a shot at this’.

Going one better than he achieved in Japan 2-years ago, Ronnefalk said, ‘right now it feels weird, being so close and almost touching the trophy.’  The reigning 1:8 Offroad World Champion continued ‘it was a messy start and there where cars flying everywhere. When Tessmann rolled I got to the front I stayed there for 2 or 3 laps. I don’t know if I took a bad line or the wind pushed me but I landed in middle of the corner and dropped to fourth’.  With a mistake on the straight ending his hopes of bettering his points he ‘pulled into watch’ with about 30-seconds to go. ‘It was a great race and I wanted to see and I knew I had enough points to make the podium’.  Summing up his podium finish, he said, ‘I have no words really. It fees weird. I’m sure it will seem ok in a couple of days that we finished 2nd at the worlds with a new car. We lacked experience of these races over the last 2-years and also maybe I was a little impatient.  This is my third podium in 3-years so I suppose I can’t complain at the end’.

’To come off the drivers stand 3rd (overall) and not knowing was spectacular’, was Rivkin’s reaction to making the podium having not even made the A-Main for his 2WD World title defence earlier in the week.  Posting a surprise TQ run in the opening 4WD qualifier, ending up 5th on the grid with less competitive runs over the remaining 3 rounds, the Team Associated driver said, ‘I was right there all the qualifiers but couldn’t put everything together. I just wasn’t focused enough’.  On his A3 win, he said, ‘I had the lead and then blew it but a lot of drivers were making mistakes so I kept the head down was able to get it back and it got me a podium’.

Clearly disappointed to miss out on the podium, Tessmann said, ‘I don’t really know what happened, its all a blur now’.  He continued, ‘on the straightaway I hit a bump, the same one Bruno hit before but I wasn’t so lucky.  I landed on my wheels but everyone caught up and then there was chaos for two laps’. Making contact with Maifield during the race but immediately giving back position, allowing Rivkin to take up the lead, he said, ‘alone the track is challenge enough but when four cars are racing together no one is absolutely in control. My car and tyre were good that time and I drove the best I could but it wasn’t enough I guess’.  A driver who regularly finds himself locked in battle with Maifield, the Canadian offered his congratulations to his rival saying’, ‘he drove well and earn it and to go & do the double is amazing’.

View our event image gallery here.

Ronnefalk takes A2

Nov 18 2017

David Ronnefalk has taken a tricky A2 win at the 1:10 Offroad Worlds in Xiamen, the wind continued to pick up and making for difficult racing conditions.  Having missed out on the TQ on a tie break with Ty Tessmann, Ronnefalk would capitalise on his former team-mate jumping wide out of the double section on the first lap, getting down the inside of the Canadian to take a lead he wouldn’t give up despite parking his HB Racing buggy in the piping in the chicane. With racers battling the wind rather than one another, Maifield would finish second after getting by Tessmann as the wind again put his Xray off target although the pairing would make a head to head dash to the line on the final lap with Maifield just hanging on by 0.058.

Commenting on the second final, Ronnefalk said, ‘I had a good start and got by Ty on the back jump. He went wide so I went for the inside and got by. Then I wanted just to stay patient’. He continued, ‘I caught the pipe in the chicane but my lead was good enough to stay in front. I had got caught by the wind. It was pretty hard with the wind so it was a matter of taking smart decisions and staying patient’. Changing ‘a bunch off stuff’ on his car after A1, he said this gave him ‘a more consistent’ car and he ‘will leave it like this and see what happened in A3’, including, ‘It will be interesting for sure’.

Maifield said, ‘I got a better start but I almost got in the back of Bruno again. I don’t know what he was doing but luckily I backed off big time’. When I got in my rhythm I drove fast and consistent but the wind got me in the back section. You have be so concentrated on what you are doing out there because of the wind. Me and Ty went for it on the last lap as was expected’. Looking to A3, the 2WD World Champion who has the points lead after A2, he said, ‘If we get to race A3 just trying to finish is going to a challenge’, the wind picking up even more.

‘I jumped the jump section but got caught by the wind and landed wide which let David get by’, was Tessmann’s summary of A2. The Xray driver said, ‘then I got nervous for a few laps. My car was harder to drive I think because the tyres were different’. He continued, ‘the wind is causing havoc. It is hard, you have to drive one lap at a time. It doesn’t feel like a race track, it’s like an obstacle course’.

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Maifield wins A1 from Tessmann

Nov 18 2017

Ryan Maifield moved into strong contention to do the double in China, with the newly crowned 2WD World Champion winning the opening 4WD A-Main ahead of Top Qualifier Ty Tessmann.  After rain cancelled the final qualifier this morning, dry but windy conditions awaited racers for the finals and initially it looked like Tessmann was on for an easy win.  A mistake from David Ronnefalk gave Tessmann the break and both Bruno Coelho & Maifield were delayed after they came together in the jump section.  With all the drivers struggling with the gusty winds, Tessmann would get caught out on his 4th lap allowing the now second Maifield with Coelho in toe to close.  A second mistake on lap 10 this time at the end of the doubles section when he jumped long would be the opportunity Maifield needed to go to the front and once there was helped by further problems for Tessmann at the same section and could cruise to the A1.  With reigning champion Coelho retiring from the race with a radio issue, it was Ronnefalk who came home a distant third.

‘It started a little crazy, I don’t know how or what happened with Bruno.  I didn’t go immediately and when I landed the first double I ass rammed him. I don’t think it was my fault’.  The Yokomo driver continued, ‘I only lost a couple of places.  A couple of guys made mistakes and I got back to second so I just tried to maintain position to Ty, then when Bruno crashed it gave me breathing room and I pushed.  I closed when he had his first mistake and then got him when he had another one’.  Asked about the wind during the race, Maifield replied, ‘I don’t want to say it is impossible to jump because we’re jumping the jumps but the wind was the No.1 concern out there.  The wind doesn’t care who it is blowing around so it could wreck your race and help others’.  One his YZ-4, he said, ‘we made some changes before the race to get it better for the wind which help a bit’.

Tessmann said, ‘it started off good and the car was good so I was just trying to drive around without crashing but the wind in the jumps section is crazy.  The car is like a dead sail and it’s hard to judge where the wind is going to take it. It got me twice there.’  The Xray driver continued, ‘my car felt racey and like I could race if I had too. I just need a cleaner run next time.’.  With the track having proven difficult throughout both 2WD and 4WD he concluded on the wind, ‘If its not one difficult thing its another’.

‘It was OK, nothing special’ was Ronnefalk’s reaction to finishing 3rd.  The HB Racing continued, ‘I had a couple of mistakes in the mid point of the race and that left me in no mans land for the last 2-minutes.  It so hard out there with the gusts of wind.  The wind just took my car in the air and thats how I crashed. Still I got back to third place but I wish I had been closer to capitalise of Tessmann’s mistakes towards the end’.  He concluded, ‘I hope I have a better 2nd Main. My car is good out there’.

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Chassis Focus – Ryan Maifield

Nov 18 2017

Chassis – Yokomo YZ4 SF
Motor – Orion VST2 LW 5.5T
ESC – Orion HMX
Battery – Orion 5000mAh
Radio/Servos – Sanwa / MKS
Body – Kit Body
Tyres – Sweep (Handout)
Remarks – Newly crowned 2wd World Champion Ryan Maifield is using the YZ4 SF from Yokomo with only a small number of changes to the car’s base US setup. Opting to use more droop to make the car jump and land better, Ryan has also adjusted the car to have more toe-in on the rear of the car for more traction, again to help it get over the jumps.

Image gallery

Tessmann Top Qualifier in China as rain stops final qualifier

Nov 18 2017

Ty Tessmann is Top Qualifier at the 1:10 Offroad World Championships in China. The Xray driver secured his first electric offroad World Championship pole position after rain forced the cancellation of the final round of qualifying just after he had laid down the TQ pace as the top heat get of Q5 got underway. With cars from the fastest heat struggling to make the jumps and looking more like drift cars as the moisture set in, the call was made to stop racing and while officials deliberated the rain set in.  With drivers from the top heat still on track it was all hands on deck to cover track with the tarps, drivers keen to ensure that there is some chance of deciding the World title with racing rather than on qualifying order.  Behind Tessmann, David Ronnefalk qualifies second having tied on points with Tessmann but had the slower TQ time following his last tangle with Ryan Cavalieri in Q4 yesterday.  Struggling with the windy conditions in Q5, reigning champion Bruno Coelho will hopefully start his title defence from 3rd on the grid just ahead of newly crowned 2WD Champion Ryan Maifield with Spencer Rivkin completing the Top 5.  Also making the cut based on the best 2 of 4 rounds, rather than the planned 3 of 5, Joern Nuemann starts sixth ahead of Dakotah Phend, Naoto Matsukura, Ryan Cavalieri and Dustin Evans.

Having delivered a result that would have also given him the TQ had qualifying gone full distance, topping the fastest heat ahead of Matsukura and Neumann, Tessmann summed up Q5 by saying, ‘It was a little bit edgy so I was just trying to get around without crashing.  When it started to sprinkle my car was easier to drive.  I didn’t care too much about the TQ I was just trying to improve my points and when I saw Ryan (Maifield) crash I then just cruised around’.  Asked his thoughts on the developing situation regarding the running of the finals, the former 1:8 Offroad World Champion said, ‘If it stops maybe we can get going but with the lower grip there is going to be a few surprises as to who is quick’.  He continued, ‘we have a good car for low grip and we will get some diffs with lighter oil ready but even if we run its going to be on slime’.  One of the drivers involved in pulling out the tarps to cover the track he added, ‘I was hard to even stay upright, it was very slippery. It wasn’t quite like ice but it was close. Let wait and see’.

‘It will be interesting if it happens, it is not so bright right now but the forecast is better for the afternoon’, was Ronnefalk’s reaction after the stoppage.  The HB Racing driver continued, ‘I was a terrible decision to wait to cover the track because it is now wet even under the tarp so everyone is going to have to change the set-up of their car. You could see how much it changes even in the second heat so this will sure mix things up’. The reigning 1:8 World Champion concluded, ‘we have a plan for what to do with the car but we have to wait and see what the weather brings’.

Starting his title defence from 3rd on the grid, Coelho said, ‘the track will be completely different for the finals, it will be hard for everyone to know how to set-up their cars for this’.  Also the reigning European Champion, a title he won on dirt as opposed to his Worlds win on astro turf in Japan, the Xray driver continued, ‘I struggled a lot with the wind in the last qualifier, I’m not (a full time) offroad racer and am not used to this. I think the final will be hard now’.

‘I think we kind of knew this was going to happen’, was Maifield’s view on the situation.  The Yokomo driver continued, ‘I don’t think it is going to matter if you start 4th or 10th because when we pull off the tarps off its going to be a sticky mess even if we get to run.  Another driver who was involved in pulling out the track covers he said, ‘At least they made the decision to let us cover the track’.  Feeling his car ‘seems to have more traction than others when it got loose’, the American concluding, ‘it going to be hard to even jump some of the jumps so it is going to be the smartest not the fastest driver who is going to win’.  In terms of starting the finals, a provisional start time of 12:05 (Beijing time) has been called for a round of free practice.

View our event image gallery here.

4 different TQs as Ronnefalk survives Cav tangle to top Q4

Nov 17 2017

Qualifying at the 1:10 4WD Offroad World Championship produced yet another different TQ as David Ronnefalk took the fourth round despite a last lap tangle with former Champion Ryan Cavalieri that would cost the HB Racing driver over 2-seconds.  Luckily however for the reigning 1:8 Offroad World Champion his predecessor Ty Tessmann would make a 5-second mistake of his own doing on the final lap allowing the Swede claim his first TQ run by 3-seconds over the Canadian.  For Ronnefalk, who hasn’t run outside the Top 3 all day, the TQ puts him as the overnight provisional TQ holder over Tessmann.  However, with rain forecast for tomorrow, should the fifth and final qualifier be cancelled reverting the standings to count 2 from 4 rather than 3 from 5, then it is Tessmann who will be declared Top Qualifier due to having the quicker TQ time which explains Ronnefalk’s frustration at being obstructed by Cavalieri.  Overall it was a dramatic end to Day 2 of the event with the top heat also seeing Ryan Maifield retire after 3-laps while laying down the TQ pace with a broken arm and reigning champion Bruno Coelho having TQ’d the previous round tangled with Michal Orlowski eventually retiring after a series of crashes.  A clean round from Dakotah Phend would reward the TLR driver with third, his best qualifier, ahead of Joern Neumann, also having his best run of the day, Spencer Rivkin and Dustin Evans.

‘I’m still pissed because if it rains tomorrow Ty will be TQ.  Cavalieri cost me the best time on the last lap so that (Q5 being rained off) would suck’, was Ronnefalk’s response when asked about Q4.  He continued, ‘Cavalieri spun around at the chicane and I thought he was going to let me by but he didn’t.  Luckily I got the TQ because Ty crashed on his last lap’.  Claiming his first Electric Offroad Worlds Championship podium 2-years ago in Japan, he concluded, ‘I am happy anyway because the car has been great so we’ll just have to wait and see what it is going to do to tomorrow’.  Currently organisers are working off a forecast that will see it ran from 06:00 to 07:00 in the morning which should mean no delays to the timetable a round of free practice scheduled at 08:35 ahead of the final round of qualifying.

Summing up his Q4 attempt, Tessmann said, ‘It was good until the last lap’.  The Xray driver continued, ‘the track is really difficult to get around but I was just pushing too hard to try catch David’.  Asked about his error in the centre section, most onlookers missing it having been distracted by Ronnefalk’s tangle with Cavalieri, he replied, ‘I don’t really know what happened, the car just tumbled about 15 feet’.   The result of the error was a 29.5 lap time compared to his previous 24.6 lap.

‘I ran the whole time without a mistake. I was quite a bit slower but I was more consistent and it paid off’, was Phend’s reaction to his best run of the day, his overall time 6-seconds quicker than his previous best of P8 in Q1.  Having made changes to his car for the round, he said they had made the car ‘a lot safer to drive but slower’.  Also going more safe at the controls driving at a ‘half decent pace’, he said ‘nearly everyone made two mistakes, it is getting harder every run out there but this time our approach paid off in the end’.  Feeling they might have gone a bit too far with the set-up changes he plans to ‘go back a little to gain a little more speed for tomorrow’.

‘So so, two times I had to single the double and one time I had a big mistake’, was how top seed Neumann summed up the penultimate qualifier.  The German, who is racing without a chassis sponsor and has opted to use an Xray, continued, ‘today the track is more difficult to drive than yesterday’.  Sitting 6th in the overnight ranking he added, ‘I hope to end up Top 5 after qualifying because I think the finals will be wide open.  Four different drivers have TQ’d which shows just how tough it is’.  Behind Neumann, Spencer Rivkin would continue to be the best of the Associated drivers with fifth for the round combined with his Q1 TQ leaving him holding 5th overnight. AE team-mate Dustin Evans would end his day with a P6, his best result of the day.  Needing to get a good result in Q5 to make the A-Main, he sits 12th overall which is one better than team-mate and former champion Ryan Cavalieri.

View our event image gallery here.

World Champion Coelho delivers first TQ run

Nov 17 2017

Reigning World Champion Bruno Coelho ‘finally’ delivered his first TQ run in China as he became the first driver to run 13-laps at Xiamen ARC International Raceway. With a P4 for the opening round and a P5 in Q2, the Xray driver produced his cleanest run on his third attempt to top the times from David Ronnefalk and Ryan Maifield – the consistent duo of qualifying so far switching their Top 3 order of the previous two rounds.  With Coelho the third different driver to top the times in qualifying, Q2 pace setter Ty Tessmann would back it up with a P4 while Spencer Rivkin managed a much improved performance on his previous qualifier to end up 7th for the round.

Opting to leave his Hobbywing powered XB4 unchanged for Q3 having ‘got the car very good’ for the second qualifier, Coelho reaction was one of relief as he summed up his performance with ‘finally’. The reigning European Champion, a title he won on dirt while his World and EOS titles all come on artificial surfaces, he said, ‘I just went out to make a clean run and while that didn’t actually happen because I hit the pipe at the start after a hard comeback I could get the TQ’. Having struggled to get his car to his liking throughout the six rounds of practice and the opening qualifier, he said improvements in Q2 gave him confidence and leaving the car unchanged he could focus more on his driving. With just one qualifier remaining on today’s schedule, the fifth & final qualifier taking place tomorrow morning ahead of the final, he said his focus for Q4 is to keep the car the same and learn to drive it better around the track without having to readjust to changes to the set-up.

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