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2017 Southern Nationals (Live Stream) from 5150 Media Productions

Sep 19 2017

Here is the LIVE broadcast of the A-Main Finals at the 2017 Southern Nationals.

Friday Pit-Walk:

Dash For Cash:

P-L Driver Daniel Grobe Podiums at Southern Summer Payout Series on Pro-Line Pin Points

Sep 18 2017


This past Saturday was Round 4, final round of the Southern Summer Payout Series, which has traveled across 3 states in our division. Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Thornhill Racing Circuit has a new turf track, after weather destroyed the previous covered clay track. All new turf for everyone, the challenge would be how to handle the extreme rise in grip from the previous events.

It was the hottest day of the year this past Saturday, with temperatures reaching 106 degrees.

I used  Pro-Line Pin Point Z3 Rear, and Pro-Line Wedge Fronts.


In 2WD, I was having temperature issues on the motor, trying to find the sweet spot, in gearing, and speed, as well as temperature of the motor. i finally got the motor temps down during practice, but noticed right off in the first qual, my speed was way down compared to everyone else. i finished 9th overall for the first round. Car motor faded dramatically the last minute of the race. I was approached by a guy who offered to run a motor he had and said it was much faster than any Tekin motor out there. i decided to use it, and in the 2nd qualifier, i went and put a a 3rd overall. on TQ pace but late mistakes on my part, kept me a 3rd. in Q3, i was able to be first overall for the round, but no one seemed on pace for Tq. I used Pro-Line Pin Point Z3 rear, and Pro-Line Wedge fronts. Tire wear at 0, i used these tires the rest of the day.

In 4WD, i was set for Race 12. i was watching the Live RC program on my phone, and saw race 11 was on the track. turns out, race 11 was actually race 12, due to allowing races on the bigger 1/8th track. i didnt get to race the first round. In q2, i just wanted to get a solid run, car was good, and felt weird on the jumps, seemed bottoming up the face, and landing long was not good for it. i actually broke a post on the ESC. for q3, i put in an older TEkin RS pro speed control, also raised the shock oil just a little bit, and stiffer springs, suggested by Lance and went and put a good run in, fastest lap, as well as TQ. Pro-Line Pin Point Rear Z3, and Wedge 4WD Fronts.


2WD A1, got off to a good start, made a mistake on the first table top, and dropped pretty far back, battled back to 4th, where i was for most of the Main, late mishaps with 2nd and 3rd, allowed me to pass for 2nd. where i stayed until the last lap, where I got caught up with a marshal in the middle of the track, then casing a jump, dropping to finish 4th.
2WD A2, again, good start, better start actually because the TQ made the mistake on the start, i was able to get a pass on both, to take the lead, Austin Jeffries, chased me down, and made another mistake late on a table top, where i was able to open a gap of 6.5 seconds. taking the win by 3.5-seconds in the end. Overall, I finished 2nd for the event, and 2nd in points in the series, behind Austin.


4WD A1, starting in front, I was able to get a clean start, some early pressure from 2nd, would put on some close racing for the first few laps, then he crashed, and left me to an easy win.

4WD A2, again, another good start, and out front for the whole race, came up on lap traffic, where i had to check up on a jump, ended up casing a big triple, where the B wire on my motor broke from the ESC. I was able to limp the car around for the final 2-minutes, finished 4th. That would cost me the win, I finished 2nd overall for the event, and 2nd in points for the series. The points were tied going into this event.

Thanks to Pro-Line, RCAmerica, Xray for the support this year.

- Daniel Grobe



Pro-Line Team Driver Adam Drake TQ and Win at DTR Series on Hole Shot 2.0’s

Sep 18 2017


Revelation Raceway hosted the final round of the DTR Series this past weekend. Adam Drake was the top qualifier in Nitro Buggy and went on to win the 30-minute final. Drake also won the series in the Nitro Buggy class.


Products used by Adam Drake:
Mugen Seiki MBX7R Buggy.
O.S. Speed 2102 engine, 2090 O.S. Pipe with 85mm header.
Pro-Line X3 Hole Shot 2.0, Velocity Wheels, and Trifecta Lexan Wing.
Hitec Lynx 4S radio and Hitec 9381 and 9381 servos.
Flash Point 30% fuel, filter, 2500mah receiver and transmitter battery.
TrakPower accessories.

- Adam Drake

P-L Driver Mike Eglberger TQ and Win at PA State Champs on Pro-Line Positrons

Sep 17 2017


This past weekend I was able to attend the PA State Champs hosted by WOCRC Raceway. I chose to run E-Buggy and 4WD SCT.

Pro-Line Products used: M4 Electrons, M4 Positrons, V2 Velocity Wheels, F-11 Zero-offset wheels, Trifecta Lexan Wing


Qualifying went very well for both classes throughout the weekend. I was able to TQ round one of E-Buggy, but during round two I was edged out of the TQ spot by 2 seconds with both of us improving on the previous TQ time placing me 2nd on the starting grid for Sundays Mains.
Qualifying for SCT I was able to set the round one TQ, and also improve the TQ during round three placing myself starting 1st during Sundays Mains.



Going into the Mains I had confidence in my cars and was really hoping for the best.

The SCT Main went very well with being able to stay out front uncontested tone to tone and take home the win. E-Buggy would be a little different of a story due to a mistake on my part early on that would drop me away from the lead pack. Unfortunately some more bad luck that I had during qualifying carried over into the Main as I had a cell drop in my battery causing me to drop out early and be unable to finish the race.

Overall I had a great time this year and last year at this race and wanted to say Thank You again to Jeremy McGuigan for organizing this race and the entire WOCRC crew for never missing a beat and for having such a great hidden gem of a track. I would also really like to thank my sponsors for all of the help, support, awesome products, and to my friends keeping racing as fun and enjoyable as it is.

Tekno RC, Pro-Line-Racing, Tekin, MKS Servos, Picco, Nitro Pro Fuel, SMC, 92zero Designs, PT RC Racing Oils, Flying Farmer RC.

It is now time to get ready for the return of the Race Against Cancer and well see everyone next week at LCRC!

eglberger-PAChamps17_4 eglberger-PAChamps17_6 eglberger-PAChamps17_5

#TeknoRC, #ProlineRacing, #TeamProline #TeamTekin, #MKSservos, #Picco, #NitroProFuel, #SMC, #92zeroDesigns, #PTRcRacingOils, #FlyingFarmerRC

– Mike Eglberger

PROTOform HOW-TO: Upgrade Your 4-Tec 2.0 for VTA

Sep 16 2017

Upgrade your Traxxas® 4-Tec 2.0 with PROTOform’s VTA Bodies, Tires & Wheels!

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Convert your 4-Tec 2.0 into a classic hot-rod for VTA Class.
Compatible with all PROTOform VTA bodies.

Featuring the following PROTOform Items:

PROTOform 1968 Mustang Body:…

PROTOform VTA Wheels:…

PROTOform VTA Tires:…

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P-L Rock Team Driver Johnny Stephens Crawls Bald Rock on Pro-Line Swampers

Sep 16 2017


Got out to Butte County Scalers F-Bomb Madness Crawl at Bald Rock this last Sunday.

Almost 300 gates of awesome terrain to put my Pro-Line product’s to the test.

I’m running Pro-Line Interco TSL SX Super Swampers on my Axial 10.2 and love them.


There a great all around Tire to run and has never let me down out on the granite, sand or any other terrain mother nature throws at me.


Thanks again to Pro-line Racing for your help and support!

- Johnny Stephens


Pro-Line Is Donating 50% of Web Sales This Weekend to Convoy of Hope

Sep 14 2017


Order Now at and 1/2 of the Sale will go toward the work of Convoy of Hope.

Pro-Line will be donating 50% of all web sales received over the weekend
(from 9-16 to 9-18 at noon PST) to support the work of Convoy of Hope.

Convoy of Hope has helped more than 80 million people throughout the world by sharing food, water, emergency supplies, agricultural know-how, and opportunities that empower people to live independent lives, free from poverty, disease and hunger.

See the work they are doing in response to Hurricane Irma here:

We have set up a Pro-Line Racing fundraising page for COH Digital Responders: Hurricane Irma.
Here is a link:

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